Professional Green Upholstery Cleaning Atlanta

Bringing the ‘New’ back to your furniture!


No matter what furniture cleaning you need, Clean It Green of Atlanta can handle it for you.

Your furniture is an important investment that endures tremendous daily wear and tear.

We understand the value of keeping your furniture clean, not only so you do not have to replace it, but also so you and your family live, eat and relax in a clean healthy environment.

Your furnitures upholstery is probably what adds the most character to your home and it is what your guest sees when they first enter your home. Your furniture’s upholstery is what we are in contact with the most on a daily basis. Causing your upholstery to quickly pick up pet stains, foul odors and grime. This will make your upholstery appear rather dull and will totally distract from the aesthetic appeal of the room. If you feel that the furniture’s upholstery needs cleaning then I suggest you get in touch with Clean It Green so we can clean your upholstery in Atlanta Georgia area.

Our upholstery cleaning solution features a Releaseit’s Bio-Encap cleaning solution and is certified via the EPA’s DfE (Design For The Environment) program. Each raw ingredient of our upholstery cleaning solution complies with the EPA’s stringent requirements for environmental impact.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. After 5 and Saturdays by appointment only. Call 678.926.8402