We recently ran up against some seriously soiled commercial carpet.   There were a couple of rugs in the bathroom of this office that were somehow giving off residue.   As you can see in the first picture,  it made for a very bad scene on the bathroom carpet.   However,  with some know-how,  elbow grease,  and Clean It Green’s awesome eco-friendly cleaning,  the bathroom looked great in no time. Looking for a great cleaner for your home or commercial space?   Call Clean It Green Professional Carpet Cleaners today! 678.926.8402 image image


So,  what do we have here for this carpet cleaning ?   In this example of dirty carpet there was a medium sized dog with black fur in the house.   The carpet was soiled due to the dog repeatedly  tracking in dirt after going outside,  and there was a large dog vomit stain as well.  Because there was a rug there was a clear line between dirty and clean.  

No problem!

We were able to give the carpet a good scrubbing and afterwards, no more vomit,  no more line,  and just good clean carpet!   The client was very happy and very surprised we got that clean.  

We are often asked what Sets Clean It Green apart from other carpet cleaners. There are many reasons but here is one:  drying time.

When the typical steam cleaning company comes to your house you can expect for your carpet to take 3 to 6 hours to dry.   In some cases,  carpets even took overnight to dry completely.  

With us,  your carpet dries in a out an hour.   Further,  you can walk on it right after its cleaned.   That means less inconvenience for you and your family.   Now,  doesn’t that sound a lot better?

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