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Green Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning solution features Releaseit’s line of carpet cleaning solutions, including their Bio-Encap cleaning solution, certified via the EPA’s DfE (Design For The Environment) program. Each solution is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

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Who said going green in carpet cleaning had to be expensive? Leave the hard work to Clean It Green and give your wallet (and the earth) a well deserved break.

We use only 100% biodegradable cleaners that are completely non-hazardous to you, your children or your pets. If you have dirty stained carpets but you are hesitant to call in a carpet cleaner because you are concerned about yours’ and your family’s health and safety, then call Clean It Green today at 678.926.8402 and we will use our 100% non-toxic, “green” cleaning techniques to restore them to their original beauty.

Why use Clean It Green?

Clean It Green provides environmentally friendly, low-moisture, residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning.

  • We use EPA certified, enviro-friendly cleaners!
  • You pay what you are quoted up front!
  • Low moisture cleaning process, NO STEAM!
  • No truck running outside to pollute the enviroment!
  • Carpets are accessible immediately, dry in about an hour!
Clean It Green is licensed and insured.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Did you know that stains and dust might not even be the worst things lurking on your carpet? Other invaders such as dust mites and mold are well known to take residence in YOUR carpet. Scientists estimate that as many as 1.2 billion people have some form of dust mite allergies, and mold is hazardous to everyone’s health and well being. Carpets are also notorious breeding grounds for a myriad of bacteria and over time will collect pollen and dust.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. After 5 and Saturdays by appointment only. Call 678.926.8402